3rd International Caparica Conference on Leishmaniasis 2022

24th – 26th October 2022 | Caparica | Portugal

Shotgun Presentations

Ellen Wuyts, PhD Student

Affiliation: University of Antwerp (Belgium)

Title: Molecular basis for the potency and selectivity of TCMDC-143345, a promising lead for the development of novel anti-leishmanial drugs.

Marta Araujo, PhD Student

Affiliation: ICVS (Portugal)

Title: Elucidation of the functional roles of lipid metabolism during visceral Leishmania infection.

Elisa Cupolillo, PhD Student

Affiliation: Oswaldo Cruz Foundation – Fiocruz (Brazil)

Title: Evolutive and biological relationships between Leishmania (Viannia) species and its viral endosymbiont Leishmania RNA Virus 1.

Felipe Roberti Teixeira, PhD

Affiliation: Federal University of São Carlos (Brazil)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Alexandra Zakharova, PhD Student

Affiliation: University of Ostrava (Czech Republic)

Title: Dominant-negative effect of capsid overexpression on Leishmaniavirus in Leishmania spp.

Tainá Ferreira, PhD Student

Affiliation: IOC/FIOCRUZ (Brazil)

Title: Effects of anti-Leishmania compounds on the physiology of the insect vector, Lutzomyia Longipalpis.

Tomas Becvar, PhD Student

Affiliation: Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Science, Charles University (Czech Republic)

Title: Biting midges: New important players in the field of leishmaniasis.

Kamal Eddine Benallal, PhD Student

Affiliation: Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic) & Laboratory of Parasitic Eco-Epidemiology and Genetic of Populations, Institut Pasteur of Algiers (Algeria)

Title: Experimental infection of Gerbillus amoenus by Leishmania major MON-25.

Lore Baert, PhD Student

Affiliation: Swiss TPH (Switzerland)

Title: A new infection model for Leishmania donovani by using human iPS derived macrophages.

Lucie Tichá, PhD Student

Affiliation: Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic)

Title: The role of Sergentomyia minuta and Phlebotomus papatasi (Diptera: Psychodidae) as vectors of Leishmania (Sauroleishmania) tarentolae.

Ruby Bansal, PhD Student

Affiliation: Jawaharlal Nehru University (India)

Title: Evaluation and generation of whole cell prophylactic vaccine against kala azar.

Barbora Vojtková, PhD Student

Affiliation: Charles University, Faculty of Science, Department of Parasitology (Czech Republic)

Title: Central Asian rodents as a new laboratory model animals for leishmaniasis.

Lucy Fry, PhD Student

Affiliation: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (USA)

Title: Vascular endothelial growth factor-A induces a macrophage pro-inflammatory phenotype during Leishmania infection.

Iris Baars, PhD Student

Affiliation: Institute for Molecular and Clinical Immunology, Medical Faculty OvGU Magdeburg (Germany)

Title: Leishmania major dissemination among inflammatory monocyte populations in the skin.

Augusto Carvalho, PhD Student

Affiliation: Instituto Gonçalo Moniz (Brazil)

Title: Immune response to LinB-13, a Lutzomyia intermedia salivary protein correlates with severity of tegumentary leishmaniasis.

Patricia Cuervo, PhD Student

Affiliation: Laboratório de Pesquisa em Leishmanioses, Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, FIOCRUZ (Brazil)

Title: Proteomic profiling of splenic interstitial fluid of malnourished mice infected with Leishmania infantum reveals defects on cell migration and proliferation, and alterations in local pro-inflammatory response.

Luca Galluzzi, PhD Student

Affiliation: University of Urbino (Italy)

Title: Histone H3 lysine 4 trimethylation in the genome of Leishmania infantum.

Pornchai Anuntasomboon, PhD Student

Affiliation: Department of Genetics, Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University (Thailand)

Title: Leishmania species in Thailand: Analysis of Leishmania orientalis Isolate PCM2 (Formerly Named Leishmania siamensis) and Leishmania martiniquensis Isolate PCM3 from Thailand’s Southern Province.

Araya Gebresilassie, PhD Student

Affiliation: Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia)

Title: Sandfly vectors of visceral leishmaniasis in Ethiopia: Ecology and Behavior of Phlebotomus orientalis (Diptera, Psychodidae).

Fatima Zahrae El Bakri, PhD Student

Affiliation: (Morocco)

Title: Étude comparative du génome entier de quatre souche de leishmania major NGS et R.

XXX, PhD Student


Title: Avaliable soon.